Improve your Investment Quotient 


All intelligent investing is value investing. Cognitive Quant brings together a passion for investing, psychology, and technology to help augment the glut of quantitative metrics to improve systematic and value investing approaches.

We are distilling and encoding the collective wisdom of eminent investors together with insights gleaned from behavioral science, machine learning, backtesting and personal experience to highlight common pitfalls and improve investment outcomes.

Note: For most individuals a low cost passive ETF would be the best approach

Behavioral Science
Cognitive Analytics
Investment Checklists


Cognitive Quant platform is focused on enabling rational investment decisions rather than just delivering a surfeit of quantitative information which could lead to cognitive overload and overlooked risks. Our intent is to help nudge investors towards a more deliberative investment analysis and decision making process (i.e. System 2 Thinking).

Behavioral Science-driven UX Design

to help overcome cognitive constraints & enable more rational decisions

AI and NLP-enabled Stock Screener

to screen based on unique risk insights as well as current & historical quantitative metrics

Distinctive Investment Checklists

incorporating both quantitative and qualitative factors

Unique Risk Insights leveraging Natural Language Processing & AI

such as legal proceedings outcomes, concentration risks, etc. to enable more efficient & risk-aware decisions

Fundamental Sentiments

to surface negative sentiments and qualitative risks buried in lengthy SEC filings

Refined Quantitative Metrics

to better assess true leverage, interest coverage, return on capital etc

Enhanced Valuation Tools*

to help assess intrinsic value taking into account the business cycle (*Except for firms in highly leveraged sectors) 

~15 Year Financials, Recent News, SEC Filings, and more ... 

to help improve your investment process and make more rational risk-aware decisions