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Welcome to Cognitive Quant !

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Proverbs 4:7

Welcome and thank you for investing your valuable time in exploring/evaluating our platform. Cognitive Quant brings together my interests in Business, Investing, Behavioral Science, Analytics, Philosophy and Faith.

We wish to appeal neither to greed nor to fear — our aspiration is to help you develop a more rational and informed decision making process — especially as it pertains to investing with the hope that it would enrich and permeate other areas of your decision making.

And that starts with being upfront that on average, many investors would likely do better with a passive investment approach through ETFs/mutual funds having low expense ratios.

On the other hand, if you enjoy assessing/learning about businesses or find it difficult to adopt a black-box approach to investing or prefer selecting your own portfolio for ethical/ other reasons or find yourself swayed into making impulsive investments based on pervasive & persistent noise — then Cognitive Quant could help you in making empirically based, better informed and more rational & risk-aware investment decisions (or in case of those in the latter category — help you avoid making some egregious investment mistakes).


Why Cognitive Quant ?


Cognitive Quant was conceived to help address the above and alleviate the two primary causes of dysrationalia 'cognitive processing constraints' and 'content deficiency' (i.e. what cognitive psychologists refer to as mindware gap).

We are doing this by bringing together Behavioral Science and UX Design (to address cognitive shortcomings) along with advances in Business Reporting Standards, Natural Language Processing and AI (to address content deficiency — especially as it relates to qualitative insights amidst the glut of quantitative metrics).

Continue reading below to learn more about some of the distinctive features of our platform that have been designed to help improve your investment process & outcomes. We would love to hear from you - please reach out to us at info at cognitivequant dot co if you have any questions/inputs.


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