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We have launched!

Cognitive Quant was started to help active investors improve/adopt a more deliberative and rational investment process (i.e., System 2 Thinking as articulated by Dr. Kahneman).

Our platform is primarily oriented towards supporting a long-term value investing approach and help address the two primary causes of irrational investment behavior:

  • Cognitive processing constraints: Given our evolutionary history, we are subject to many cognitive biases (action bias, anchor bias, recency bias, etc.) and an inability to separate trivial from important -- especially when subjected to a deluge of information.

  • Content deficiency: Despite an excess of quantitative metrics in investing, there is severe ‘content deficiency’ when it comes to qualitative risk factors such as concentration risks, the probable outcome of legal proceedings, and other likely adverse factors buried deep in SEC filings.

We are addressing the above by bringing together Behavioral Science and UX Design (to address cognitive constraints) along with advances in Business Reporting Standards, Natural Language Processing and AI (to address content deficiency -- especially as it relates to qualitative insights).

As part of our launch, we are providing some great offers so you can try us risk free!

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